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Winter Nature Play Persistence: Discovering Tools for Enduring Outdoor Play

As we trekked through the snowy hills of Stark Park for our first Winter play session this week, explorers and grown-ups practiced using found tools and skills that will help us persist through nature play this season.

Our focus skill this winter is persistence; the ability to stick with something, meet challenges and push ahead in order to reach our goals, learn, and grow. There were certainly challenges like temperatures below zero, pesky gloves falling off and those snow boots that are supposed to help but truly just seem to be in the way.

Explorers and their grown-ups practiced moving their bodies to stay warm and explored tracks in the snow and other nature treasures using special "wonder frames' to spark curiosity. We discovered "bear paws," A.K.A. socks, to keep our hands extra toasty and we warmed up from the inside with peach tea to celebrate our time together.

Although there were a few sad tears by the end of our time together, explorers had fun and persisted through their first challenge of winter: showing up!

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