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Mud Makers

Our mud classes are designed to embrace messy play either with simple tools like buckets, water and dirt or themes such as mud art or magic tea. The addition of "indoor toys" can intrigue even the most mud adverse explorers.


We always refer to this article, "What's Your Child's Mud Mindset?" writted by Tinkergarten co-founder Meghan Fitzgerald. Sometimes is not about our explorers mud mindset, it's about our own.

past experiences

introduction to mud cuisine

This unique class offering encouraged "mud chefs" to think about the connection between food and nature. We foraged for food each week and explored them using our senses (even taste!) We learned about eating the colors of the rainbow, experimented with a variety of kitchen equipment and took inspiration from these activities to use our imaginations and create recipes using mud and other nature treasures.

Intro to Mud Cooking collage
WWMudDay collage
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