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Community Garden

We provide free and paid experiences for the families to connect and gather while giving back to our greenspaces and the people who maintain them. Membership is not a requirement to attend most of our experiences but if you're looking for a bit of extra community, it may just what you've been looking for!


Our new membership program is for families who want to get the most out of their experience with Willowdale!

Become a member if your family:

- values outdoor play and learning

- attends classes and/or no cost meet-ups

- desires to experience nature-based activities throughout New England

Perks included:

- sibling discounts (only available to members)

- concierge booking support

- member meet-ups

- Willowdale Swag

- participation in our community garden

- save up to $700 (dependent on how many classes your register for and how many explorers you have)

Does this sound like your family?

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