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Festive, animal friendly way to "deck the trails" this holiday season.

You've heard of "decking the halls" but, have you heard of "decking the trails?" Willowdale families are participating in this fun tradition for the first time this year. Explorers and guides created unique ornaments in todays class using nature treasures collected on our trail walk, frozen cranberries and dried oranges. We'll freeze these outside to hang next week at Stark Park for forest friends and our community to enjoy.

If you make some at home, try to avoid using tinsel, plastic or other manmade items when decking the trails in your community. Items should be safe for creatures to consume and decomposible so as not to create waste. Fresh or dried fruit, nature treasures (leaves, evergreens, sticks, acorns, pine cones) and even home made + dye-free salt dough are all great options.

Once frozen, we will remove th ornaments from these silicone molds before hanging them with jute twine (which will decompose over time.)

Head to Stark Park after next Wednesday (12/20) to see explorers creations hung at the park! Join us to experience unique nature play opportunities!

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