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Playful Pathways: Developing Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Abilities through Play

Explorers AND guides were excited to get out and play this week in newly fallen snow in temps much more pleasant than last week! We've said this before, getting outside in snow with young explorers can always be a challenge regardless of whether they're walking, being worn or carried by a grown-up or being pulled in a sled (so fun!)

We set reasonable goals for our morning choosing a spot not far from our meeting spot to explore and discover our new frozen friend, the ice worm. Explorers sought out, pretend, frozen ice worms and used different tools to free them from faux glaciers.

While not every explorer was able to free their worm from the ice, they took on the challenge and learned what did, and didn't work, for the next time they encounter this obstacle! Not reaching a goal is a big part of learning and the explorers truly did so with grace and excitement, engaging in the activity in unique ways that suit their individual learning styles.

Check out our upcoming events! We'll see you outside soon. Click the image to view all events + register.

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