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Nurturing empathy through nature play

In celebration of Groundhogs Day upcoming this Friday, explorers and guides worked together this week to create cozy dens for pretend groundhogs (or woodchucks if you prefer) from found nature treasures. Typically, these incredible creatures hibernate underground for up to 5 months! Since our ground is so frozen, explorers had to be flexible and come up with creative ways to build these special hideouts, above ground.

Channeling our inner groundhog and thinking about what other creatures may need as they hibernate throughout the winter, and in their daily life, nurtures empathy in kid AND grown-up explorers. When we allow ourselves to empathize with other creatures, we create friendships, community and large scale, a better world. One of my own explorers wondered what groundhogs eat. They guessed trees and when we researched it this afternoon, we discovered they were right! Among other plants-based foods they also eat small insects like grasshoppers and June bugs.

One of my explorers had a really tough day during class and didn't want to be there at all. While it can be challenging bringing my own explorers to work with me, it's so worth it to see their curiosity, creativity and care for others blossom during and outside of class. Even when they don't want to be there, they go home with full hearts and tell their auntie and meme which friends they were able to see that day.

Check out our upcoming events. Click the image to view all events, more details and to register! We'll see you outside soon.

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