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Mother's Day

Mother's Day, like any "holiday," is not the most inclusive of days. While it's "supposed" to be a day of celebration, many of us are grieving the death of our mother or mother-like figure. Some are navigating a strained, or lack-of a, relationship. Many are struggling to become mothers. All of us are still making lists in our head of what needs to get done to maintain our households and the day doesn't feel like the break it should be, at all.

We are here to listen, support and "just be" with you. This is my fourth Mother's Day as a Mom and the third without my Mom Earth Side. This year feels a bit different; my grief is quiet right now yet, I feel lonelier. I have felt my grief as anger instead of sadness these past few months.

While these are just a very few of the ways someone may be struggling this Mother's Day, I write all this so you know you're not alone if you're having similar feelings. My hope is that the ideas below will inspire some ways you can honor yourself or Mother this year by connecting with the Earth.

Plant a Garden - I've recently started a support group for those of us who are parenting through the death of a parent or parents. Like most grief groups, the content is heavy and emotional. We meet once a week on zoom and most of the time I don't even want to go but I know it's valuable to connect with others who "get it." We were chatting yesterday outside of our weekly time slot and one woman is planting a garden in honor of her Mom this year. I found this to be a beautiful and healing idea and I'm planning to honor my Mom in our new garden layout this year (not sure how yet but I'll share when I know!)

Go for a walk, alone. Simple activity but a challenge to accomplish ALONE, if you're a Mother. I'm going to try even if it's a short walk around the block!

Revisit a favorite outdoor space. Did you have a place your Mom liked to visit either by herself or with you? This activity can be challenging as it can bring up a lot of triggering emotions. I feel my Mom most when I'm at the beach; we likely won't get there today but I do look forward to going soon because I know she'll be there with us.

Eat outside. Connecting with nature to feel it's benefits doesn't have to be a big event. Drink your coffee outside, have a picnic lunch in your yard or BBQ today to get that extra Vitamin D.

How will you take care of you this Mother's Day?

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