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Kids doing kid stuff!

This week we built like beavers using loose parts, explored ice and mud and celebrated one whole year of nature play as Willowdale with our community!

Our beaver play Wednesday quickly transformed into visiting the icy swamp area just before the Abenaki Bridge. Explorers noticed creatures swimming under the ice, threw rocks in the swamp and poked at the ice with sticks. TRUE KID STUFF!

We always embrace child-led play and learning. What does that mean? If explorers aren't interested in the guided activity offered (which has its own benefits) they move along and explore in a way that serves them that day. We did a lot of that this week, and it makes my heart happy seeing kids being kids.

Friday, we celebrated our first birthday with a pinata, and explorers were able to create nature cakes, soup, cookies, etc., with natural loose parts. Kids were really drawn to the muddy swamp again; boots got stuck, socks were wet, and hands were muddy!

Thank you for being here with us, through our highs and lows, through the cold and heat. We are SO looking forward to what this next year will bring and can't wait to experience it as a community!

Check out our upcoming events and get in touch any time with questions! Click on the image to learn more and to register!

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