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Explore the benefits of repetitive behavior during play

This week we learned about the power of repetition during our play session as we "pecked" our way through recycled materials, pretending to be woodpeckers foraging for food and a cozy spot to build a nest.

If you've been with us for some time now, you'll notice repetition in many of our lessons with additional challenges added depending on the season. There have been numerous studies done to track repetitive behaviors of children and what we've learned is that skills that are repeated frequently are unlikely to be lost as children continue to grow and learn.

I love this article, "What's Really Happening in my Child's Brain?" written by the co-founder and chief learning officer at Tinkergarten, Meghan Fitzgerald. She goes into further detail about repetitive behaviors and the benefit it has on successful pruning of connections and pathways in our brains.

What's one thing you've noticed that your child does repeatedly? Have you ever considered why? You'll notice this winter we'll continue to use similar materials in our classes which encourages kids to practice using the same tools in different ways or maybe they'll use the tool like they did in a previous class to practice those repetitive behaviors.

Check out our upcoming events. Click the image to view all events, more details and to register! We'll see you outside soon.

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