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DIY Lanterns

Our Lantern Walk will be held Sunday, November 5th at 3:45 PM at Stark Park. With the time change and this being "the witching hours," we hear you and we get it and totally understand why you may thinking "no way can our family make it to that!"

This event is low-pressure. A time to slow down, embrace the darkness and upcoming change of seasons. It's a way to teach our explorers, and ourselves, resilience, perseverance and persistence; when things are hard, we can overcome them. Tantrums will happen and we embrace and empathize with no judgement because, as I wrote, they happen!

This event is free and all are welcome; families enrolled in our classes, families not currently enrolled, local friends of families who are attending with no explorers of their own and extended family members and friends! The only requirement is that you register here so we know who to expect!

If you ARE enrolled in our fall wellness series, we'll be making lanterns during class. Tea lights will be provided for everyone at the event and we may have a few extra lanterns but to make sure you have one of your own, check out the tips below to make one!

What you need:

1 empty, clear jar per lantern (glass or plastic, both work!)

tissue paper



a paintbrush

nature treasures (optional)


  1. Remove any label from your jar and ensure it's clean.

  2. Tear or cut the tissue paper.

  3. Mix a 1:1 ratio of water to glue.

  4. Paint glue onto jar and apply tissue paper! If you're using nature treasures, apply them as you go!

  5. Attach handle using the twine. This will vary depending on the type of jar you are using, if you need help let us know!

  6. See a video here for a visual perspective!

It's easy to want to "take over" when making these lanterns, especially with young explorers. Show them how to apply tissue paper and/or nature treasures and allow them to take the lead. This instills confidence and nurtures creativity! Each lantern will be unique.

Please consider bringing a winter gear item to our Winter Gear drive. All items will be donated to Outfitters Thrift Store.

This is our second annual Lantern Walk and Tinkergartens Eleventh! We are SO excited to see you there!

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