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"Are You Equipped? Essential Gear for Extended Outdoor Play"

We often share about tools needed for extended outdoor play during Winter but as we enter the muggy, muddy and buggy months of Spring and Summer, there are basic, essential items that can contribute to prolonged outdoor play as well. Check out our must-have items below with links to some of our favorite brands, too! *Some of these items contain Amazon affiliate links*

Tick and Bug Repellent - so many options for this one but we love Yaya Organics, a local brand (made in NH!)

Yaya Organics Baby Bug Ban Spray and Wipes - new! We haven't personally tried this but how convenient and easy are these products for babies?!

Even with ALL of the repellent, bites still happen. We recommend the "Bug Bite Thing" It really works!

Mosquito Dunks - For your yard! Earth and animal friendly, place them in a bucket of water or in the pond or swamp near your home. Mosquitos lay eggs in water and when they do so in water that has been treated with a mosquito dunk, they die (there's really no other way for me to say this without sounding so morbid, I tried.)

Lip Balm - Remember to protect your lips, too! We like the SPF Badger Balm Lip Balm.

Oaki- While we prefer bathing suits and clothes we don't mind getting messy when it's hot (or a Willowdale Mud T-Shirt Tie Dyed by Easy Dyes It!), Oaki Rainsuits are great for those in between months when the temps are still a bit chilly. We know it's an investment, so we appreciate that it's also awesome for winter and mild snow because of it's capabilities to be layered; I sometimes prefer it to a snow suit. Super durable and great for mud and water play, rain and puddle jumping! You can find them second-hand (my favorite way to shop for outdoor play clothes) or if purchasing from their website, you can use code willowdale for 25% off your purchase of $30 or more!

Sun hat - I'm trying to find a brand my kids will keep on and would love your recommendations for this one! (for grown-ups, too!)

Rain boots - You want a 100% waterproof boot, from sole to the top. Check out Oaki, Target, Bogs brands, there are so many great options - I prefer to purchase these second hand on Kidizen, marketplace, or second-hand stores like Savers and Lots for Tots.

Water shoes - Keen and Merrill are fan favorites! Another great item to thrift, check out Sierra, too. I have to say we rarely wear them, but I know some like them due to sensory intolerances, so I keep them on hand just in case we experience this!

Spontaneous Car Bags - If you're able to do this, I try to keep extra things in the car for spur of the moment beach trips when out and about. Bathing suits, towels and an extra change of clothes go a long way! I don't like storing the bug sprays and sunscreens in the car when it's wicked hot so try to keep them in a bag you take with you when you leave the house so you have them on hand if needed.

Yoga Mat - Seems random, right? I keep one in the car in case the ground is wet while picnicking and they're great for the beach too!

These items are simply the essentials, plus a couple extras - what would you add to this list?

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