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Program Policies

Please review our program policies before registering for one of our classes. Contact us if you need clarification or have questions.

What ages does the program serve?

The program is designed for children ages 1.5 years-8 years.

​Children younger and older than that age range are welcome to enroll at their own discretion. Mobility is not a requirement for any of our classes and classes are always mixed-age.


Can siblings attend for free?

Siblings under 1 year and 5 months of age may join at no cost. Siblings over 1.5 years are required to enroll in the class, and a sibling discount is available to members.

If a sibling needs to attend due to scheduling change (eg. day off at school), they can attend up to one session without enrolling. Families are asked to notify the teacher if an extra child needs to attend a session so they can prepare any necessary materials. 


Can families try a class before enrolling in the program?

When classes are not full, we are able to invite families to try a class any time before enrolling for a full season. The drop-in rate will be designated on the registration form. There is no obligation to join for the full season.


​Are refunds offered?

If a refund is requested BEFORE the season of classes begins, families can receive a credit towards a future class equivalent to the amount hey paid.

If a refund is requested AFTER the season of classes begins, families can receive a class credit equivalent to all of the remaining sessions.


Are credits or refunds offered for missed sessions?

Credits and refunds not offered for classes missed by families due to scheduling changes or illness at this time.

If more than 2 sessions in one series need to be canceled by the teacher without rescheduling, families will receive a prorated class credit for those canceled sessions.

If a pop-up class needs to be rescheduled and you are not able to attend the new date, or if it's cancelled, you will receive a class credit.


If you refer a friend who registers for a full season, you will receive a $15 class credit.


The standard full-season price will vary by season, otherwise the drop-in fee applies when applicable. Payment must be made in full, at the time of registration to secure your spot in class.


As we continue to make the cost of our classes accessible to every family, we offer scholarships on a first come, first serve basis. Scholarships are limited at this time and not guaranteed. We are seeking grant opportunities to be able to offer all or many of our class options for free to every student. Should you have insight on this please contact us,

What happens in inclement weather?

We rely on NOAA and local weather guidance regarding decisions about whether it is safe to hold class.

Below is a list including, but not limited to, reasons why class may be cancelled due to weather.

  • Winds gusts are expected to be 30mph or over.

  • Freezing rain.

  • Temperatures, including wind chill, below 20°F.

  • If the Manchester School District cancels school due to unsafe road conditions.

The teacher will update families at least 90 minutes prior to class by email and/or text message.

Whenever possible, the session will be offered at another time the same week but likely our season will be pushed out one week.

How do we foster a safe learning environment during class?

Each explorer (child) is accompanied by a guide (grown-up who attends class with child). Teachers support guides and do all that they reasonably can to provide a learning environment that allows for safe risk-taking.

Leaders bring a First Aid Kit to class, which can be utilized by guides (attending adults) if needed.

A few, simple rules help to address most situations:

Explorers (children) can explore on their own as long as they can still see or hear their guide or the Leader.

If explorers are taking physical risks, we check in to make sure that they feel sturdy and safe in their risk-taking. 

Leaders encourage children to engage in risky play but give clear redirection if or when safety and the safety of friends in the class could be compromised. For example, we celebrate that sticks are the #1 toy of all time, but we make sure that our sticks have plenty of space, so they do not touch our friends' bodies. Ultimately, over time, we want to help children learn how to learn their limits while still playing in a way that keeps them and their friends out of true harm.

We encourage explorers not to put nature treasures in their mouths. If a wee one is doing so as a natural part of exploring the world, we work with their guide to try to honor that need in the safest way possible.

What is the approach to health/COVID-19 safety in classes?

We take illness very seriously and carefully consider the health and safety of all attendants when considering whether or not to hold class. Aside from the common cold, please be mindful of others when considering when it’s appropriate to attend class.

Before class

All participants (teachers included) are mindful of symptoms of COVID and other illness to self-assess and make a fair decision as to whether it is acceptable to attend class.

During class

Masks are not required, unless they are required by the municipality or organization that oversees the location in which our classes are being held. 

We design our classroom spaces and activities so that we limit participants' sustained close contact with people outside of their family/pod. 

Confirmation of confirmed positive cases

Exposure Before Class

If you, or one of the people who join you in class, test positive or are exposed to someone who is positive, follow the current CDC Guidelines for isolation or quarantine. While in isolation or quarantine, stay home from class.

Testing Positive After Class

If you or someone in your household who attended your class test positive for COVID-19 after participating in a session, reach out to us. 

Snacks and Beverages

Eating and drinking is allowed being mindful of others space in case of allergies or sensitivities.

Is Willowdale NH Insured?

Yes! We are insured by Thimble with both locations we offer classes at listed as Additional Insureds.


Are the teachers First Aid/CPR Certified?

Yes! You can view their credentials here.



By registering for a class you are agreeing to receive email and marketing communications from us digitally.

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